The Kennedys Delivers

The Kennedys, the controversial docudrama on the 1000 Day Presidency, and the poweferful family that was Camelot, the History Channel did but then pulled it after intense pressure from the remaining members of the Kennedy family, namely Caroline, as they viewed it as distorted, shameful, and misguided look at her family, her father's presidency and all the now famous and infamous events tied to it, continues to deliver.

Flourishing at its new home on Reelz Channel, a once small, unknown channel about movies that brought millions of viewers to its name once it bought the show, The Kennedys is now on episode 5, and the intensity of the JFK's administration is is full swing. From the past four episodes, I can see why the Kennedy family wished it to be destroyed: it does not portray Joe Kennedy Sr. in a very good light, made poor Joe Jr. appear just as power-hungry and driven as his father, and honestly, makes JFK look like the hand puppet of younger brother Bobby. But yet, I feel for JFK, my favorite Kennedy, however tragic and senseless his end was. I can see why Bobby took over so easily, making the Presidency a dual role between them: JFK was so sick, so in pain, that of course Bobby stepped in.

"Christ, if the American people knew they shape I'm in, they'd boot me out." From last night's episode as said by JFK, whom is played by the amazing Greg Kinnear. We also discover how closely tied Joe Kennedy Sr. was to the Mob, epeically Sam Giacana, whom he went to, to make sure JFK won Chicago---his liaison? Frank Sinatra.

It's all very twisted, and an amazing look at at our country's only 'royal family'. Enjoying it immensely, I hope I'm not the only one, though!



One of the last Hollywood Greats is gone...

Elizabeth Taylor was one of my favorite actresses. Not only was it an honor to share a name with her, but it is an honor and a great time well spent watching her movies. I cried when I heard she passed--my mother told me, she didn't want to, but she knew I'd find out anyway watching TCM. She wanted for me to know from somebody close rather than getting it from the TV.

I appreciated that, though it didn't help much. She was a goddess, but she also seemed so real--she suffered like the rest of us, losing Michael Todd so tragically and right in the middle of filming Cat on a Hot Tin Roof to boot, two stormy marriages to Richard Burton and living with chronic back pain. She was as glamorous as she was real and I loved her for that.

I know, however, she is in a much better place, pain-free.

To Liz Taylor--The world just got a little darker, but the beyond a little brighter. I will miss you, and all us other Liz's just lost a heroine. You were one of the last that embodied what old Hollywood, the great and bold Hollywood truly was, and that's a loss in deed.

So, what is goal of a cat on a hot tin roof? To stay on, I guess, as long as she can. Peace.


Yes, I will.

In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer. 93% won't copy and paste this. Will you?
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A late wishing of a Happy St. Patrick's Day

As St. Patty's Day continues to run its course, just like to drop a late Happy one at that! Whether you're Irish or not, it's a celebration to be had all around. In Ireland, it's rather more subdued than here, but hey. Have a drink on me on this lovely Wearin' O' the Green day and here's an old Irish toast to go with it, the favorite of my house, my grandmother's house and her mother's house before her:

May the road rise up to meet ya
May the rain fall softly on your fields
May the wind be at your back
And may the sun be on your face
And may you be in Heaven a half an hour
Before the Devil knows you're dead.


Rascal Has Been Gone A Year....

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of his passing. I remember how I felt at 11:00 am that day, when I knew my mom and dad were with him when they slipped the needle in and gently ended his pain. Devastated, exhausted, utterly depressed. But then I also remember the relief that Rascal wasn't going to suffer anymore; the cancer wouldn't be able to take him away slowly and painfully away from us; he was at peace. Peace.

We loved him, we wanted to give him another year as we made the decision to start the chemo. But then he got even sicker and it wasn't working. Our actions had been selfish up to that point, but we made that last selfless decison: it wasn't fair to him. No matter how much it hurt to let go: it was the best thing, and very last thing we could do for him to take the pain away.

We miss him, and it's hard to believe it's been a year. Cancer is indeed a cruel, unforgiven disease. It doesn't care who it victims are, whether they're just an innocent, four-legged friend and family member or a child or a mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother...I hate this disease and I hate being touche by it and hate seeing it destroy other families. One day, they'll figure out how the stop and that'll be one less silent and deadly killer to deal with.

That'll be a very great day, indeed. To Rascal, my love---Peace. We miss you still but we won't forget. You gave us something to cherish not only those four years we had you, but for the rest of our lives. You showed us the beauty and graceful power of the Weimaraner, and last but not least, you led us to Razzle. He was a large comfort in the weeks after you left us. We gave him your name to honor you, and give him something to live up to. He will never be you, but he is Razzle. And that's something. I thank you for that.

Love, little boy, love and peace.

I've been accepted into college!!!

OMG, guys, I got my acceptance letter today!!! So excited, so relieved, not that I was worried I wasn't going to get in, but I was just worrying where the hell the letter was in the freaking mail!!!!

I have to send in the $150 tuition/acceptance fee and we'll be on our way. College bound, college bound, COLLEGE BOUND!!!!

Razzle is doing better!!

Razzle's been put on a bland diet and after blood tests and the like, it has been decided that he got the colitis because of too much rawhide. We're going to lay off the treats for a while and just give him the food. Already he is doing better, he wants to play, sleeps still but more of his normal cat naps.

We're relieved, I was crying yesterday, always thinking the worst--we're all gun-shy still because of Rascal's cancer and death. The one-year anniversary of his passing is in a few weeks. That will be hardest, I know.


In other news:

IT'S PEGULA DAY! Terry Pegula officially took over the Buffalo Sabres today with a news conference that clearly said this guy's not afraid to spend money, or to lose money, as long as we get the Cup to Buffalo. The guy is a true fan, not only of hockey, but of his new team. A new era has begun here in Buffalo. All I can say, as a fan of the Sabres is: Thank God.

Razzle is Sick.

Vomiting, diarrhea, not eating a while lot. Very tired, doesn't want to play

Going to vet later.

Every time they get sick I think of Rascal and I panic. I've cried a bit today, already. He's only a year old. How? WHY?

Please keep him in your thoughts.
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It's a new era!

Once the Knight in Shining Armor for the Buffalo Sabres, Thomas Golisano became the absentee owner who ran the team like a business. Most of us fans were tired of the same-old, same-old of the team management that has taken the team in a direction that isn't going to take us to the Stanley Cup.

Now---there is an new era on the horizon. As of today, Thomas Goilsano is no longer the owner. The City of Buffalo welcomes Terry Pegula, the self-made multi-billionaire that describes himself and his family "die-hard hockey and Buffalo Sabres fans.", as our new owner.

Man, are we glad to have you!! He was the possible new owner that sounded too good to be true. We usher this era in with enthusiasm and happiness, just as we did for Golisano. Let's hope the result is the Cup and not a decline in to mediocrity,

Welcome Mr. Pegula---let's play some hockey!!!
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